As a long-term partner to many greenhouse builders and growers we are aware of how important on-time deliveries are. Reliability – based on a strong logistical organisation – is accordingly one of our biggest boasts. We deliver the horticultural glass or polycarbonate ordered ‘just in time’ at the required location on the site. Thanks to our years of experience this is done in the safest of circumstances with the least risk of damage.

We deliver ‘just in time’….

With a highly developed logistical organisation with large transfer capacity, we deliver the ordered horticultural glass and polycarbonate at exactly the time required. We make sure that our deliveries fit in perfectly with the greenhouse builder’s or grower’s project schedule.

…wherever you wish

With our own fleet – equipped with powerful cranes – we deliver to any site in Europe. Muddy terrain, busy roads, over ditches,… our cranes easily straddle a distance of fourteen metres with a 1.5 ton load. Challenges that phase our experienced employees are few and far between. We unload your horticultural glass in the most suitable place.

Your horticultural glass delivered to the greenhouse frame

We dispose of a special tractor to bring the horticultural glass inside the greenhouse. We also immediately put the horticultural glass in the right place exactly next to where it is to be fitted. We take the wooden packaging straight back with us.

We place the glass on special polystyrene blocks. These prevent the new glass from sinking into the mud, breaking or getting dirty.

Besides the advantage that we take responsibility right up to the glass being brought into its final position, this extra service also saves a great deal of time for the greenhouse builder.

This option only applies if the greenhouse is accessible for a tractor 2.2 metres tall and 2.2 metres wide. The entrance to the greenhouse must have the same width and be at least 2.5 metres tall.

Overseas transport also an option

We ship and transport horticultural glass and polycarbonate worldwide. With safe transport in mind, we have become specialised in the skilled stowage of horticultural glass and synthetics in all possible kinds of containers. With our own packaging techniques and stowing options, we guarantee that the horticultural glass and synthetics arrive at the final destination safely and undamaged.

Large stock for fast deliveries after storm damage

Thanks to our large stock of different glass types and synthetics panels, along with the close relationships with our suppliers, we will be happy to you come to your aid following storm damage. You can count on a fast service for the replacement of damaged or destroyed glass. We dispose of our own storage capacities – with 500,000 m² of glass or synthetic panels - on a site measuring 18,000 m².