Today we discharged once again several trucks with TerraSol glass in Broechem (BE) where Gakon is building a greenhouse by order of Mols bvba.

This tomato grewer has chosen TerraSol low haze tempered glass with 2-sided AR coating. Van Looveren delivers on this yard 40.000 m² TerraSol glass, both 4 mm and 5 mm with holes.

2018-07-24-091750.jpg | Van Looveren
2018-07-24-093956.jpg | Van Looveren
2018-07-30-144222.jpg | Van Looveren
img_20180717_104655.jpg | Van Looveren
img_20180717_105813.jpg | Van Looveren
img_20180717_111714.jpg | Van Looveren

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