This week Van Looveren supplied float glass for the walls at Noorland Paprika in IJsselmuiden.

Kubo tuinbouwprojecten is building a new greenhouse on behalf of this pepper grower.

At the beginning of July, we also supplied 12 containers of horticultural glass for the roof. Noorland Paprika chose tempered float glass with LT90,5+%

20190808_095535.jpg | Van Looveren
20190808_103806.jpg | Van Looveren
photo-2019-07-12-12-10-03-40.jpg | Van Looveren
photo-2019-07-12-12-10-03-41.jpg | Van Looveren
photo-2019-07-12-12-10-04-42.jpg | Van Looveren

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