At the end of February the glass deliveries in Waddinxveen have been completed. On behalf of Porta Nova (roses) Havecon is building here a new greenhouse of 9 ha. Van Looveren has supplied more than 100.000 m² of horticultural glass, that is 95.000 m² tempered float glass with LT90,5+%, 8000 m² Hortigrid and some small amounts of (un)tempered float glass with LT89,5%.

foto-1.jpg | Van Looveren
foto-2.jpg | Van Looveren
foto-3.jpg | Van Looveren
havpn.jpg | Van Looveren
havpn2.jpg | Van Looveren
pn-4.jpg | Van Looveren
pn5.jpg | Van Looveren

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