Each extra percentage of light in your greenhouse means a greater yield. With TerraSolTM you opt for an innovative glass type that guarantees a maximum crop yield.

Why does diffuse horticultural glass result in a higher yield?

Every ray of sun in your greenhouse counts. Diffuse horticultural glass does not allow the sunlight through in a straight line, it spreads the incoming sunlight over a larger surface area.

Hemispheric light transmission is much greater in comparison with other glass types. With TerraSolTM you also have a choice between low, medium or high light dispersal (= Haze).

Diffuse horticultural glass has a number of advantages such as:
  • The dispersal of the sunlight through diffuse horticultural glass first of all means better light penetration to the lower plant parts.
  • There is much less shadow in the greenhouse.
  • The temperature at the top of the crop is lower, resulting in less stress and higher fruit quality.

Even more light in the greenhouse? Opt for an anti-reflective (AR) coating:

TerraSolTM can additionally be provided with a one-sided or two-sided anti-reflective Solgel coating. This coating limits the reflection of the sunlight and ensures more light in your greenhouse.

More about the technical details of TerraSolTM diffuse horticultural glass?
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